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Western Australia - the "Giant" state of Australia, washed by the pure seas of the Southern Indian Ocean and the Great Southern Ocean.

Everything about WA is ENORMOUS (1 million square miles)- Giant cattle stations - many over 1 million hectares in size, the largest wheat harvest in Australia and on the mining front the largest exporter of iron ore and gold in the world - an extraordinary and unique place.

And plenty of space to grow SUPERB FOOD. This superior food quality creates a global demand, that is becoming difficult to satisfy - particularly because of the escalating demand from Asia. Australians are increasingly eating "Australian Grown" - the worlds best is at their door, FRESH and hygienically handled.

If you want the very best of beef, wine (the South West corner produces great wines), vegetables, citrus and tropical fruit, wheat, oats, barley, and ocean caught fish, prawns, lobsters and shellfish plus all other seafood -
the worlds best - EAT WA GROWN.

Exporters to the World - BUY WA GROWN with total CONFIDENCE

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